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The Helium Dev Kit is the fastest way to prototype and deploy IoT applications on Helium. Buy now and build tomorrow.

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2Dev Kit Guide

Already have your Dev Kit? This guide will walk you through shipping a complete sensing application on Helium in 20 minutes.

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Latest Blog Posts

Helium CLI: Commander

Helium Commander is a powerful, open source command line interface (CLI) for working with your sensor data and the Helium API. Built and supported by Helium, Commander makes it easy for IoT developers to see and interact with their Helium data.

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Popular Hardware

Atom Development Board

Helium's Atom Development Board allows you to quickly build wireless sensing solutions using Helium.

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Helium Element

An 802.15.4 gateway with ethernet, WiFi, and cellular connectivity. When deployed, Helium Atom-powered devices within range will automatically connect and send data to the Cloud via the Access Point.

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Helium Dev kit

The Helium Development Kit is the easiest way to get started with building sensing applications with Helium.

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Helium gives us this capability [...] to quickly develop and deploy sensing applications across our many locations...

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